"It was smart, fast and did just enough new to keep me interested while still appealing to my younger, Playstation self."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"It's like Xenoblade Chronicles with a strong dash of Disney and a side salad of Studio Ghibli."


"A turn-based battler that puts me in mind of both Breath of Fire and Harvest Moon, Earthlock is likely to go down a treat with the West's embattled community of JRPG fans."

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Xbox One
Plastation 4
Wii U

What starts as a simple quest for desert scavenger Amon soon sprawls into a journey where several unlikely heroes join to save Umbra, a beautiful but harsh world that mysteriously stopped spinning thousands of cycles ago.

Explore the world of Umbra and face myriads of monsters in exhilarating turn-based combat. Kiting lets you strategically take on as many enemies as you like. The more enemies the more experience gained.

Mix up your strategy to beat your enemies using two different stances per character, and build your characters' battle bond to unleash powerful abilities or unique perks.

Customize each character's progression with the Talent Table. Find new Talent Tiles in the world or craft your own. Grow plants and gather ingredients to craft ammo and items. All this on your idyllic home island